High quality studies need valuable histological analysis. One room in EMIS is dedicated to histopathology, in which a microscope (Nikon, Eclipse E800), and a whole slide imaging system (virtual microscopy or scanner Coolscan V, Nikon) are available to researchers.

This scanner allows performing digital images in high resolution leading to representative and reproducible analyses.

Histological interpretation may be performed either by means of the platform, either by the researchers themselves.

Furthermore, innovative and efficient technics such as multiphoton microscopy are available in partnership with XLim research team.


Professor Catherine YARDIN

  • Professor of the French universities
  • Heads of Cytogenetics and Medical Genetics Departement in the Limoges University Hospital, France
  • Codirector of the Bio-Health Group, CNRS XLIM UMR 7252
  • Member of the Histology and Cytology CNU 42.02 (“College National des Universités“)
  • Member of the CNA (“Comité National d’Appui à la qualité de vie des étudiants en santé“)
  • Member of the CAC (“Conseil Académique”), Limoges University
  • Member of the CFVU (“Commission de la Formation et de la Vie Universitaire“), Limoges University
  • Director of the Disciplinary Commission for students, Limoges University