Our team has recognized expertise in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic digestive endoscopy.
Our structure allows both training and research in this vast discipline.

The team

Professor Jérémie JACQUES

  • Professor of the French universities
  • Associate professor of gastro-enterology
  • Co-director of the Endoscopy Unit of the Limoges University Hospital
  • Member of the research and development committee of the french society of digestive endoscopy
  • European Society of gastro-intestinal endoscopy Faculty
  • Member of the European Society of gastro-intestinal endoscopy Education Committee
  • Member of French and European Society of digestive endoscopy
  • Member of the CNRS Xlim UMR 7252 Research Unit

Doctor Romain LEGROS

  • Co-director of the Endoscopy Unit of the Limoges University Hospital
  • Expert in Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy (third space endoscopy and biliopancreatic endoscopy)
  • Member of the research and development committee of the french society of digestive endoscopy
  • Member of French and European Society of digestive endoscopy


Our structure has been developed for 18 years at the Universities of Endoscopy ( , an annual French training workshop bringing together more than 250 gastroenterologists annually and providing practical and theoretical training for all the digestive endoscopy procedures of daily life.

Our new platform allows us to offer these training courses for groups of up to 50 participants in selected areas (resection of superficial tumours, haemostasis, perforation, colonoscopy technique, etc.).

At the therapeutic endoscopy level, our team has been offering for several years now complete training courses in accordance with the ESGE curriculum for learning endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) with the help of industrial partners from the world of digestive endoscopy. This training encompasses the full curriculum of ESGE by attending of live cases performed by experts and by training on validated models.

Biliopancreatic endoscopy workshops are also offered, notably for the discovery of new medical devices (such as LAMS) used for the treatment of these pathologies.


The availability of numerous validated models in our structure allows the testing and development of new medical devices for interventional endoscopy.

Additionally, the structure allows for the development of new endoscopic procedures through the expertise of our recognized team and our GLP validated laboratory.


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